«By the resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated June 27, 2018 No.382, the state national natural Park» Tarbagatay» was established in the territory of Urjar district of East Kazakhstan region. This is the 13-th national Park in our country».
The territory of the state naional natual Park «Tarbagatay» is divided into 6 cluster zones:
  1. «Tarbagatai mountains»- 117 384.1 ha;
  2. «Mountains Karabas»- 8 475,2 ha;
  3. «Mountains Arkaly»- 15 634.2 ha;
  4.  «Urjar river valley’- 447 ha;
  5. «Katynsu river valley»- 960 ha.;
  6. «Emel river valley»- 650 hectares.
The total area of the national Park is 143 550.5 hectares.